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Rugged Radios VHF 1/2 Wave No Ground Plane (NGP) Antenna

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The best VHF antenna for Work, Race, or Play! We've manufactured this GO FURTHER antenna for optimum performance in the VHF range of frequencies.

Its wide-band technology makes this antenna plug-and-play for all VHF applications.

This "No Ground Plane" 1/2 wave base loaded antenna does not have to be attached to a metal surface (such as a vehicle roof or larger body panel.) Although using a ground plane is always better, this NGP antenna performs great for all uses, drivers, teams, and applications.

The molded high heat ABS mounting base features silver soldered connections, gold plated push pin contacts and O-ring.

  • VHF Range - 144-174 Mhz
  • Connector Type - None
  • Color - Chrome Model(s)
  • Gain - 2.4 dB
  • VHF Bandwidth - 4 MHz
  • Power (watts) - 200
  • Whip Material - 17-7PH Stainless Steel
  • Whip Length - 39.5" VHF
  • Base Style - NMO Style

This antenna is already pre-tuned (cut) for application. Simply order, mount, and ride!